James A. Forester, DDS Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
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Pediatric Dentist James A. Forester Offers Advanced Dental Technology in San Luis Obispo, CA

In addition to offering a comprehensive range of services, our team is also dedicated to investing in contemporary dental technology. As the tools of dentistry grow more advanced, it’s possible for us to provide kids in and around San Luis Obispo with substantially more comfortable and efficient care.

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Digital Radiography

One of the tools we’ve chosen to invest in is digital radiography. While traditional x-rays can reveal a lot about a patient’s smile, the images we can capture with our digital x-ray machine are more detailed. What’s more, the process is safer for young patients because it exposes them to 90% less radiation than traditional radiography would. It’s also safer for our team because we don’t have to worry about using harmful chemicals to develop the images. Instead, they’re immediately available for viewing. The last great benefit of digital x-rays is that the images don’t have to be physically stored anywhere. Instead, they can be saved to our computer for easy reference later on.

Intraoral cameras and CariVu camera

New imaging options have changed the way that we are able to visualize teeth.  In one of the most exciting advances in this area, the CariVu camera is able to shine a small laser in between teeth and detect decay. Previously, this detection of cavities in between the teeth was only available with use of x-rays.  While we will still opt to use x-rays in some cases, this advancement has made it possible to further reduce radiation for our patients.

On another note, just as we see the cameras on our cell phones getting better, so are the ones we use in the mouth.  We are able to capture amazing images and relay them to you on a large monitor so that you can visualize what is happening in your child's mouth. Don't worry, if this doesn't sound like something you want to see, we won't make you look at it!  Just know that it is available if you are interested.

Paperless Charting

While this should go under the "Eco-Friendly" option, this truly is important to us.  Our advanced dental software allows for the most up to date and comprehensive charting possible.  This allows us to keep detailed accounts of your child's dental information.  What was that concern you had last time? What tooth did we want to check up on? All of this is just a click away.  

Learn More about Our Advanced Technology

Whether it is the quietest "drill", the best topical anesthetic, or the ultimate restorative treatment options, know that we are likely to be on the cutting edge of technology advances in pediatric dentistry.  Would you like to learn more about the tools at our disposal? Don’t hesitate to call Coastal Pediatric Dentistry with your questions. Our team is always happy to listen to your questions. We can also schedule an appointment for your little one. Our office is located in San Luis Obispo and proudly serves all surrounding areas with quality pediatric dentistry.

Kids and PArents Love us

Our 5-year old had a great experience, despite needing a cavity filled. Dr. Forester spent a lot of time with us explaining everything and totally put our son at ease. We're glad we found you! ~ Destini C., Facebook Review
My 3 1/2 & 2 year old LOVE this dental office & Dr Forrester! Everybody in the office is friendly & make the visit fun for kids. Highly recommended! ~ Jen B., Facebook Review